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Music Production Certificate

Producing commercial quality music is now within your reach

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Whether you want to produce electronic music or record live instruments, our certificate program covers all of the fundamental knowledge needed to start your career in music production. Our courses are taught using Ableton Live with easy to understand examples and you are not expected to have any previous music or audio engineering experience to take them. Learn at your own pace with two years of access to the courses.

SoundBridge Academy offers high quality music production education at an affordable price.  We created SoundBridge Academy to provide you with the knowledge behind the features, empowering you to use any plugin or production software out there because you understand its components and how they work together to create sound. You will learn everything from how alternating current works, all the way to mastering a commercial quality track.

Our free trial requires no credit card and includes unrestricted access to our course "The Digital Audio Workstation", which will give you all the basic knowledge required to start producing, including: Audio & Acoustics, Hardware Setup, Software Setup, Sequencer, Mixer, MIDI Instruments, Automation, Exporting and more. Learn Ableton Live and how all its major features work for free. Start producing today!

What you get

  • Unrestricted access to our 6 high quality courses
  • 80+ hours of hands-on high quality HD video lessons
  • 24/7 access for two years
  • Music Production Certificate Diploma (upon completion of all 6 courses)
  • Priority Customer Support
  • On-demand 1on1 tutoring for just $50 an hour.

What you’ll need

  • A Mac or PC computer with a web browser and broadband Internet access
  • Any DAW like Ableton, Logic, Protools, SoundBridge, etc.
  • A MIDI controller keyboard (optional)

Music Production Courses Included

The Digital Audio Workstation

Everything you need to know about how DAWs work and how to setup your equipment to start producing. Audio & Acoustics, Hardware Setup, Software Setup, Sequencer, Mixer, MIDI Instruments, Automation and Saving & Exporting.

Sound Design

Designed to ensure you can take any sonic idea from your head and design it yourself through synthesis. The course covers all the components of modern-day synthesizers & samplers and how to develop your own custom patches. Waveforms, Sampled Instruments, Synthesizers, Filters, Modulation, MIDI Articulations, Insert FX and Automation.

Audio Processing

Provides a thorough understanding of spectral, dynamic, and creative FX and how to properly utilize them in music production for sound design and mixing functions. Types of Processing, EQ, Dynamic Processing, Reverb, Delay, Special Procesing, Stereo Field and Automation & Sidechaining.

Composition & Sketching

Teaches you how to put together musical sketches and think about composition as you build the skeleton for a song. The course covers everything from creating your first beat, all the way to building the core elements you will later use in your arrangement. Music Foundations, Rythm & Beats, Bass, Harmony & Melody, First Loop, Building Up, Gain Structure and FX & Processing.

Arrangements & Structure

Discusses the fundamentals of highly-level song structures and how to organize an improvised sketch into a full piece of music. You will learn how to take a basic loop and transform it into a standard popular song structure complete with intro, verse, build up, chorus, and bridge sections. Song Structure, Reference Tracks, Arrangement Organization, First Draft, Transitions, Gain Structure, FX & Processing and Automation.

Mixing & Mastering

Provides a comprehensive walk through of proper mixing and mastering techniques. You will learn the industry skills required to properly mix and master your original music for commercial distribution. Basics of Mixing & Mastering, Gain, Signal Chain, Reference Mixes, Frequency Range & EQ, Reverb, Special Processing, Mastering Chains and Loudness.

Student Reviews

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I love that the course focuses on the logic behind the functionality. I have been producing for over a decade and I learned by doing. I am really happy I took this course because it gave me all the core knowledge I need to be able to turn my ideas into reality in a much more efficient manner. I feel like I can use any Synth, Plugin or DAW in the market because I understand what they do.

by S. Taylor

The Sound Design and Mixing & Mastering courses were my favorites. The videos are super clear and it is super valuable to be able to stop the videos as I try things for myself. I used the certificate as a reason to make music and its structure took me step by step into being able to produce commercial quality music.

by M. Anderson

I had no previous experience in musical production. Being able to access the courses for two years let me go at my own pace. I had some trouble with a few subjects but I purchsed 1on1 time with the professor and it was super affordable.

by E. Bellew